Hotell Lydia

Hotel Lydia, which is located in a historical building from the 19th century, opened its doors in the Old Town in 2016. The building itself consists of modern and historical parts, the latter of which is closely connected to the Estonian Age of Awakening and the birth of Estonian journalism. Johann Voldemar Jannsen, teacher and leader of the national movement, and his daughter Lydia Koidula lived here from 1865-1868. Writer Lydia Koidula and the beloved grandmother of the founders of the hotel Lydia Leonore (Grünmann) Holm inspired the names of the hotel and the restaurants. Warm and feminine accents can be seen in the details and furnishings of Hotel Lydia, as well as recipes from the collection of Lydia Leonore Holm, compiled in 1925-1926, which are used for meals served in restaurant Hõlm.